August: Ready to sing for Congressman Tom Suozzi.

January: Conducting the debut of Infernal. Credits to Ryan Miller.


October: Promo for Infernal the Musical, performed live in NYC in Oct.

March: Piano practice. Credits to Lance Morden.

October: Film acting debut in Bullshido (Fightin' Frog Productions).

December: Singing holiday gigs with Christmas Matters Holiday Carolers.

January: Conducting the Every Voice Concert Choir in "Oseh Shalom" at Merkin Concert Hall. Credits to Dan Wright Photography.


December: Soloing on "Cuidado" with the Teachers College Community Choir at their Winter Concert.

December: Conducting the Every Voice Concert Choir in "Oseh Shalom" at the TC Choir Winter Concert.

July: Acting in "A Sketch of New York" at Producer's Club Theaters. Credits to Rebecca Tocci.

September: Singing in "Just More Cabaret" at the Playroom Theater. Credits to Max Pearlman.

May: Conducting "Porgy and Bess" at the Columbia University Wind Ensemble's spring outdoor concert. Credits to Jason Noble.

March: Soloing with Uptown Vocal at Columbia Festival of Winds XI. Credits to Sophie Tobin.

March: Conducting CUWE in the Carnegie Hall premiere of Fell Swoop (2019). Credits to MCP.


May: Conducting the 125th Annual Varsity Show's dress rehearsal. Credits to Jeff Fan.

March: A promo photo of Brent A. Morden. Credits to UJA.

November: Headshot of Brent A. Morden.

Credits to Anna Beloborodova.

November: Leading the pit in rehearsing his original comedy musical Once Upon a Fortnight.

Credits to Aliya Schneider.

August: Conducting the Summer Arts Institute Concert Band in excerpts from Danzón (2018) for Wind Ensemble. Credits to Betsy Ladyzhets.

March: Columbia University Wind Ensemble premieres Danzón (2018). Credits to Caroline Moore.


April: Performing Configuration No. 1 (2018) for Solo Voice at Symphony Space. Credits to Conner Duke.

December: Performing alongside loadbang in the premiere of En Passant (2017) at OPERA America. Credits to David Bird.

November: Acting in musical Written in the Stars at Columbia University.

Credits to Elza Bouhassira.

October: Leading rehearsal for musical Urinetown at Columbia University.

Credits to CMTS.

July: Conducting Summer Arts Institute Concert Band at Frank Sinatra School of the Arts. Credits to SAI.

March: Conducting the premiere of Concertino (2017) at Columbia University.

Credits to Brent A. Morden.


February: Playing euphonium in a showcase at Columbia University.

Credits to CUPAL.

June: Entertaining at the Walden School Creative Musicians Retreat. Credits to Brian Fancher.


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