New York-based musician Brent A. Morden has written for and led ensembles of various shapes and styles.

Having just completed his undergraduate music studies at Columbia University, Brent continues to champion his creative vision as a composer, conductor, performer, and more.


June 25th - August 15th, 2019

Brent will be performing in a touring production of The Prince Street Players' Cinderella as Prince Charming, produced by Plaza Theatricals.

Weekends of November, 2019

Brent will be performing in Gypsy at Theater By The Bay in Bayside, NY.

Stay tuned for more upcoming events!

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May 4, 2019: The 125th Annual Varsity Show Bursts The Bubble

"Composers Yael Cohen (CC '21) and Brent Morden (CC '19) teamed up with the two writers to produce 12 songs which didn't fail to entertain, nor to show off the cast's terrific voices. They improved upon last year's score with a healthy balance of small and full-ensemble numbers."

November 12, 2018: The Pale Blue merges noir fiction, music, and comedy in ‘Once Upon a Fortnight’

"The Pale Blue definitely achieved Morden’s aims. Nearly every scene presented the audience with a new complex adventure, successfully pairing the comedic and the compelling."

March 27, 2019: Columbia University Wind Ensemble performs whimsical works, haunting tribute at Carnegie Hall

"CUWE president Brent Morden, CC '19, took the podium to conduct the world premiere of his composition "Fell Swoop." Underscored by an exhilarating drumline, the piece built ominously before descending into whimsical chaos. Swinging melodies evoked the motion of flight while the rhythms pulsed relentlessly, closing with an abrupt and thrilling ending that suggested a sharp intake of breath before a fall."

Pictured: Brent A. Morden following the premiere of Fell Swoop (2019). Credits to MCP.  

November 2, 2018: ArtistHop: Brent Morden, Heir Of Bernstein

"Your advice to aspiring artists in your field? Don’t just seek out opportunities: create them for yourself. Form concrete plans to fulfill your ambitions. Work hard. Learn how to communicate well with others. Speak your mind: let the world hear what you have to say. Champion yourself. Enjoy yourself."

November 17, 2017: The Pale Blue Blasts off with new space-Western musical comedy "Written in the Stars"

“A number of exaggerated personalities support the story of Nevada’s adventures. Brent Morden, CC ’19, stands out as the omnipresent barkeep who always has an eye on the action—just as long as it stays outside of his bar."

May 3, 2017: Columbia Undergraduate Composers Shine in Lerner C555

"Highlights from the first half include Jasper’s vibrant combination of siren and bells (such a visceral sound), Gabe’s interesting use of the alto flute’s lowest register (he paired it with the soprano’s melody, creating an earthy sound), and the slips and slurps of the flute and clarinet in Brent’s Primordial Utterances."

April 20, 2017: Barnard International Artists Series’ student mural highlights diversity and creativity of student artists

"Through the mural, the artists respond to this question in different ways. Exhibit contributor Brent Morden, CC ’19, whose original music composition was displayed in paper form as part of the mural, has one version of the answer."

Pictured: Brent A. Morden conducts the Columbia University Wind Ensemble in the world premiere of Concertino (2017). Listen | Watch

Header photo by Emma Gould

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